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Here comes the bride.. all dressed in… black?!

28 October 2011 1,897 views Article By:

After an epic year of white weddings (think Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian) Vera Wang is bucking the white trend and has created some amazing weddings frocks with a twist… they are black!

Vera Wang has been in the wedding dress business for over twenty years so its no surpirse she is wanting to try something different and was quoted as saying “I found black to be fresh and tongue-in-cheek,” Ms. Wang said in a telephone interview. “With all the big weddings that happened this year, it was fun to step out of the box.”

Wang’s inky gothic frocks aren’t for everyone and they are certainly statement dresses…So tell us, what do you think? Would you wear a black wedding dress?

Image:Vera Wang

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