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The weeks leading up to a wedding are fraught with equal parts of nervous and excited energy, a large dose of arranging-things-at-the-last-minute and a generous sprinkling of anxiety. Mix all these ingredients together, stir well and you might just be left with a bag of excitable nerves and a mental to-do list the width and breadth of Australia. If this sounds familiar, fear not, because here is an abridged guide to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle, in body, mind and spirit, in the weeks preceding your wedding.


Everyone who’s anyone knows that brides want to look and feel their best at their wedding. Whether you’re a size 8 or 22, feeling good in your own skin is essential for a bride. And with these pointers, you too can be on the road to looking great, and feeling it too.

  • Sleep. It may seem obvious, but without enough quality sleep, you might find yourself like the female version of Oscar the grouch (trash can may or may not be included). Get enough shut-eye and you will magically transform into the most graceful human being who takes everything in stride.
  • A balanced and healthy diet. Picture in your head that halo of a glow that surrounds people of optimal health and fitness. Now picture your diet. Is it healthy, using mostly natural ingredients? Do you get enough fiber, protein, plant vegetables? Now picture ways of achieving that healthy diet. Think of ways to make simple, nutritious food that will leave you satisfied. And then do all the things you’ve heard a million times: arrange set meal times, eat lots of vegetables, control your portions. Viola: you’re on the way to achieving that glow.
  • Exercise. Chances are with all the running around before a wedding, you find it hard to make set times to exercise. Running to do a thousand errands might release energy but doing a structured form of exercise three times a week for 30 minutes each time will lead to wonders.


What we are thinking about has a major impact on how we feel. If there was ever a time to practice mind over matter, it’s now.

  • Meditation. Even if you don’t sit in the lotus position and hum, find ways to switch off your mind. It might be as simple as immersing in an activity you get lost in. Swimming is a great form of exercise that can act as underwater meditation. Just breathe in, breathe out, keep on kicking and let the underwater environment consume your thoughts like a vacuum.
  • Walking. The act of taking a brisk or leisurely walk is a fantastic way of clearing some head space and filling your lungs with that magic substance called air.
  • Music. Turn it up or turn it low, listen to your favourite song until you can’t possibly listen to it anymore. Get lost in the lyrics and tune. Let it be your mantra, your anthem, your sanity. Aaahh.


Emotionally, we need to be strong enough to be able to withstand any storm, hurricane, or tornado that may hit before the wedding. If you are feeling calm, cool and collected you’ll find it a lot easier to be the perfect vision of the relaxed bride on your big day. Here are some ways to maintain the cool:

  • Keep the peace. Don’t waste energy on having petty fights over silly wedding details. Arguing has a way of wearing us down harsh word by harsh word. Keep the peace and by doing so, keep your sanity.
  • Keep the perspective. No, it doesn’t really matter if the groomsmen wear white corsages and not red. Nor does it matter if they refuse to wear them at all. Your wedding will be beautiful regardless, so loosen up and lighten up. Your wedding is only one day in your entire life.
  • Keep smiling. Remember that your wedding will be one of the happiest days in your life. Regardless of anything that may threaten to rock your boat, keep your eye on the prize. Smile, relax, you’re nearly there.




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