Haste makes waste

By December 13, 2011Blog
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Nervous women make nervous brides and nervous brides often end up rushing through their wedding days with hysterical consequences. The moment I stepped into the bridal dressing room, I knew we were facing a very nervous bride, but no one could foresee how this day would turn out.

Bride went for a bath after her hair was done. The hairdresser insisted on this as he had another wedding to do. As the bride came back from her bath, her hair fell down a little due to the steam. The hairdresser was called back and the chain of events started. He worked as fast as he could, but we lost forty minutes. The bride nearly bit through her lip as she tried to stay calm.

The make up artist did her thing at the same time to try and make up some time. We caught up twenty minutes. The wedding dress was carefully lowered over her hair and face and the back was zipped up. Our bride was now nearly on time again, but her nerves were completely shot. In her rush, she realized that she had the wrong underwear on, so dress came off carefully and she disappeared into the bathroom to change into the gift set she was supposed to wear.

Dress went back on again. We were again facing a twenty-minute delay. I shot as many pictures as time would allow us to do and during our shoot, our bride looked really uncomfortable. Underwear was pinching a lot so she went back into the room to reverse the whole process back to her previous set. During this process, her dress smudged against her red lip. We were now looking at disaster as tears welled up threatening perfect make-up destruction. Our bride coped well and refrained from biting her lip or crying. Her white knuckles showed her tension as she clasped the table.

Mother of the bride stepped in a like a pro and got the stain removed in an instant. Our bride touched up her own lip and the dress came back on. The rush for the church was now on. She got into the car and sped off – a whole thirty minutes late. She breathed into a paper bag to try and stop her nervous attack building up inside her.

At the church, the car pulled up right to the church door to the dismay of the grounds keeper. He ordered them to get off his pathway immediately. But bride decided to get out anyway. She rushed out and slammed the door shut as her driver sped away, but dear oh dear.

Her veil was shut in the door and the car nearly ripped her head off as it drove off. Her veil tore right off her head sending her crashing onto her hands and knees. Dress got two knee imprints and faint blood seeped from her wounded hands. On her head a small part of veil stood up like a misplaced feather.

That was when her nerves simply gave in and she cried herself to calm. Loving hands helped her up, restored her as best possible and helped her to her waiting groom.

If you know you are inclined to get nervous when rushed, make sure your wedding day is not such a rushed affair. Leave ample time for unforeseen time wasters and keep smiling when problems do occur. Better late than never.


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