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Handmade and Vintage touches for your wedding are just a click away…

12 October 2011 1,922 views Article By:

Are you looking to create a “handmade” or vintage feel for your wedding but are absolutely hopeless at DIY?
Never fear, you are not alone and the great news is, is that there is a whole website community out there of people who are beautiful creators of said items and they are willing to share (sell) them to you.

Anything you can imagine from save the dates, to jewelry, bunting, signs, cake toppers, bomboniere and more…. you could literally have an “Etsy Wedding” actually there is even a blog dedicated to “real Etsy weddings”

They even have a whole category dedicated to weddings… go and check it out NOW… we guarantee you will become addicted and will not only decorate your wedding with Etsy finds, but also your whole life!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check it out today… you can thank us later!

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