Groom’s Cakes: Fresh and Fun Ideas for Your Man [photos]

Groom's Cakes: Fresh and Fun Ideas for Your Man [photos]
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Traditionally, a wedding cake is loaded with flowers, pearls and pastels. Even the more modern designs that use brighter colors still employ flowers, scroll work and other traditionally “feminine” designs. But let’s be honest: A lot of men don’t enjoy these motifs. So there has been a growing trend in wedding planning to create a separate cake that caters to the particular interests of the groom.

So-called groom’s cakes can be anything you want them to be. They can be as simple as chocolate cakes with a few chocolate flowers, or they can be elaborate fondant creations that look like six packs of beer or that display a fishing scene. Your imagination is your only limitation — and finding the right baker. Here are a few fun and fresh ideas you might consider for your groom’s cake:

A Hidden Groom’s Cake

Maybe you don’t want to have two cakes, but you don’t want to sacrifice your traditional wedding cake design for your groom’s design. You can combine the two cakes in one. On one side of the cake, it will look just like your traditional cake. But on the other, the fondant can be pulled back like a curtain to reveal another design, such as stacks of superhero logos or the colors of his favorite sports team. You can take your first pictures with the traditional side and then turn it around to show off your special creation for your groom.

3D Cakes

Bakers can do amazing things with cake sculpting and fondant, turning cakes into 3D objects that look like the real deal. You can get cakes that look like a baseball hat, favorite foods like pizza and sushi, a poker table, a sports arena, a boat, or anything else. Choose your design carefully so that you don’t just get a novelty cake but get a cake that truly reflects your groom’s interests. Don’t get a fish just because your groom has a passing interest in fishing. Instead, get a grill because he is a die-hard grill master who is known for his creations.

Tuxedo Cakes

If you want an elegant cake that fits in with your formal wedding theme but still pays homage to your groom, you can find a nice compromise in a tuxedo cake. The cake can look just like a traditional wedding cake except it uses black and white icing to create the look of a suit jacket. You can even create a multi-tiered cake with chocolate or black icing and then decorate it with strawberries dipped in white and black chocolate to look like little tux jackets.

You can combine the fun and elegant by adding a tux to a popular character. For example, you can commission a 3D cake of R2D2 or another Star Wars character wearing a tuxedo. The options are unlimited as you can get any character from any movie, book, or sports team that you like.

A groom’s cake can have pretty much any design that you like, and there are no traditional rules like there are with typical wedding cakes. That means that you can create any design that you want, in any color and in any shape. Think through what your groom really loves and what best reflects his personality, and then work with your baker to come up with a truly exceptional design that he will love and that will impress your guests. Enjoy this opportunity to be creative and to do something a little fun and unique for your wedding.

Groom’s Buffet

Yep, all of his favorites, right there in one place. The groom’s buffet can include a sundae bar, full of his favorite ice cream flavors, toppings and the works or even a doughnut cart, where hot and fresh doughnuts are made to order. It’s all about him and what he loves, so if your groom has a thing for handmade chocolates, start looking around for a specialty chocolatier. This may not fit your idea of the perfect cake, but could mean the world to him. So, whether he wants his grandmothers plain old pound cake or biscotti flown in from Paris, spare no expense!

The most important thing to remember is to make this cake all about HIM! This is a once in a lifetime cake that he’ll never forget, so go all out for the man of your dreams. The entire wedding is naturally centered around the bride, so make the groom’s cake an unforgettable one!


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