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Don’t quite trust the love of your life to get to the church on time? wearing pants? matching socks? Dont panic, you aren’t alone. Many grooms, left to their own devices are likely to turn up to the church in a pair of board shorts with a posy of hand picked flowers from your neighbours garden. Minimise the damage with our checklist below. Tape it to his briefcase/toolbox/ or whatever you have to!

church on time and looking his absolute best!

12 weeks to go…

  • Along with your bride to be, decide on what you and your groomsmen are wearing. Take into account colours, themes and the weather. Visit tailors or rental stores with your whole bridal party if possible.

4 weeks to go…

  • Gather the boys again for a final fitting
  • Ties, cuffs, vests, shirts, shoes and socks all need to be purchased or included in rental

7 days to go…

  • Get a haircut!
  • Start wearing your shoes around the house to break them in
  • Get yourself some new underwear
  • Purchase thank you gifts for your groomsmen
  • Start working on your speech

24 hours to go…

  • Collect suits from the rental store/tailor. Double check all accessories that you have ordered are included.
  • Pack a bag including hair product, deodorant, band aids and spare socks.

The big day!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast (you will need all the energy you can get!)
  • Shave
  • Have someone on hand to help with ties and cuffs
  • Remember to keep the rings in a safe place or give them to your best man to look after
  • Leave plenty of time to get to the venue and remember to breathe deeply and smile!

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