How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

How to Get the Best Wedding Photos
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Your photos may be the most important thing you keep from your wedding. You will have eaten the cake, the flowers will have wilted, but your photos will keep the day crisp and vibrant in your memory. It’s important that you hire a great wedding photographer and that you follow these pro tips to get the photos of your dreams



Where will you take them ?

Once you decide on your wedding venue, go back for another look and pay special attention to how the details of the place will affect your photos:

  • Make note of any low-light areas
  • Choose places that will make a nice backdrop
  • Locations that accommodate everyone.

Pay attention to how the light changes during the day. You may need to change your photography schedule, or you may need to bring additional lighting to get the right shots.

What are your must-haves ?

You want more than just “great photos” — you also want to make sure that you get certain photos.

  • You and your mom getting ready
  • You and your best friend.
  • Your grandparents with your children

Make a list of all the people you want your photographer to get. You can skip the basics such as the first dance and the cake cutting. Those will always be must-haves. But you should include the other formal shots that are specific to you.

Who will help you stay organised ?

All those formal photos after the wedding ceremony can take a long time. Even if your Uncle Joe knows that he’s going to be needed in one of those shots, he may wander off because he’s bored and tired of waiting. When the photographer’s ready to take the shot with Uncle Joe, no one can find him.

Nominate a helper to keep track of everyone on the photo list. This person should go around and get everyone ready just before they are to have a picture taken — that way, you won’t lose any time by wrangling up stragglers.

So you aren’t a model? that is ok!

You will feel silly, and that’s alright. Knowing your best poses and looks will give you confidence in front of the camera, especially if you aren’t used to taking photos. Look for your “best side” and smiles that look natural. You’ll need to recruit someone to shoot the practice photos, so ask someone you feel comfortable with.

If possible, practice in full outfit (make-up and hair as well). This will really give you peace of mind when you are happy with the way your own pics turn out – imagine how great the pro photos will be!

Posing for photos is simple

  • Shoulders back and sit up straight – no exceptions.
  • Don’t get caught slouching and hunching over – it NEVER looks good.
  • Do not TRY too hard. Looking unnatural looks fake and you want photos that capture yours and your other half’s personality.
  • Keep is simple – don’t overthink your photos, candid shots are almost always the best ones.
  • Have fun! It will show through in the pictures.

Prepare for Adventure

Anything can happen on your wedding day. It could rain, ruining your sunny shot in the garden. Or a big piece of scaffolding could have been left in an area behind where you plan to take the pictures, creating a big eyesore.

  • Bring items to be prepared, such as umbrellas or tents.
  • Remain flexible : use a backup plan or think on your feet for the things you didn’t expect.


When you are interviewing potential wedding photographers, make sure you discuss these and other issues. Consider hiring a photographer who works with a second photographer or backup photographer. You’ll get a better variety of shots, and you’ll decrease the risk that an important shot was blurry or dark. You’ll get the beautiful wedding photos you want for your special day.



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