Four-eyed bride: how to rock glasses on your wedding day

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Glasses wearers at large have been in a love-hate relationship with their glasses for as long as they have been in existence. For the glasses wearers amongst us, sometimes we’re all a bit gung ho about our shortsightedness and we think something along the lines of, ‘Yeah, glasses are awesome, man. They make you look hot.’ And other times, the situation just feels a little blurry and a whole lot blah.

Bride  wearing glasses

This bride clearly sees which man to hug!

Whatever your take is on glasses, you’ve got to admit you don’t usually find them perched on a bride’s beaming face. But for those of us glasses wearers who do have to wear glasses all the time, what is the best way to wear them on our wedding day? If you are a bride-to-be and are unable to don those tiny clear seeing discs known as contacts, this article will bring you two perspectives to not only wearing glasses on your big day, but rocking them too.

bride and groom fun glasses photo

I can seeeeee yoooooouuu!

The first major decision you’ve got to make about your glasses on your wedding day is whether you want them to be inconspicuous or bold. Some brides would prefer to make their glasses blend into the canvas of their face to the point where it could appear they weren’t wearing glasses at all. But there are others who make an active decision to wear their glasses proudly, and make a statement about them at the same time. Which attitude suits you?

If you are a little shy about wearing glasses on your big day and feel as if it will look slightly funny and unnatural on your made-up face, the first approach is probably for you. And lucky for you, there are many glasses frames that will help them blend right into your face, making them barely noticeable.

Bride wearing Glasses

If you wear glasses don’t feel you have to remove them for your wedding day

Glasses that are especially good for this are clear, rimless ones, as they create the illusion of being able to see straight them to the face. If you belong to the other camp, however, you’ll probably want to make your glasses into a feature.

A good idea is to try to match the style of your glasses to the style of your dress. For example, a modern shift dress would pair nicely with clean cut, modern glasses, while a lace Victorian dress might suit more old-school style of glasses frames.

Whichever decision you do end up making regarding your glasses and how to wear them, keep in mind that wearing glasses on your wedding day will not make you any less attractive.

There are thousands of frames to choose from and if you find that pair that you feel amazing in, there’ll be nothing stopping you from looking amazing, too. Also keep in mind that if you really prefer how you look without your glasses, they can always be slipped off casually for the some of the photos.

Just don’t end up kissing the best man due to your shortsightedness!

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