Flower Power – This Year’s Most Beautiful Bouquets, Sensational Centerpieces and Flowers That Will Leave Your Guests Breathless!

Flower Power - This Year’s Most Beautiful Bouquets, Sensational Centerpieces and Flowers That Will Leave Your Guests Breathless!
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Flowers, in so many ways, are possibly the most meaningful botanicals in the world. While there are a vast number of plants from which we get extracts that heal the body. The amazing healing of the mind and soul that come from just looking at or even envisioning flowers is something that cannot be described using words. Additionally, flowers serve critical purposes that are life sustaining and without which, life as we know it would cease to exist. Flowers filter out carbon dioxide and many toxins from the air we breathe. Without flowers, there would be no promulgation of food crops, which depend on pollination made possible from honey bees that spend their time traveling from flower to flower. In every culture, certain flowers carry a lot of symbolism and are intricately woven into the tapestry of life and the various important ceremonial practices and rituals, so highly esteemed.


So Highly Important in Many Ways

Flowers are found growing in many places. They are important enough to be included in modern landscaping, and because of horticultural progress, the previous limitations to where many flowers could be grown and used in arrangements are almost all removed. Flowers are a form of consumable nourishment for many animals, and humans have eaten numerous flowers in whole, or in extract form, ever since the dawn of time. They’re exquisite when used as a garnish, and poetically speaking, the role that flowers play runs deeper than any form of verbal expression. The importance of flowers as decorative inclusions for all types of occasions rings clearly when they’re seen at funerals. Flowers express what we fail to be able to express ourselves.

Essential Component of a Wedding

Just what any flowers express comes from the way they are arranged: their shapes, textures and particularly their colors and color combinations all manage to convey a myriad of moods and feelings. This is why the flowers are such a critical component of today’s most prominent gatherings–and surely there is no occasion that depends on flowers and their arrangement than at the gatherings where two become one in holy matrimony.

Always Growing and Evolving–an Avalanche

With all the world’s different flower types, varieties, hybrids and colors, the science of flowers is really more of an art form. And it’s a constantly evolving element that requires the most experienced of designers to keep up with the trends and the latest concepts available. In describing the most fabulous of today’s weddings, the flowers are typically among the very first aspects mentioned. Within every type of flower there will exist numerous varieties, and these continue to be tweaked and perfected to higher heights than ever envisioned. One such prized flower product that is currently wowing the flower buffs is the gorgeous Avalanche Rose. This lusciously rich rose hit the 2000 flower industry with high-class intensity. Since its introduction, the Avalanche rose has become a must-have component of all purposeful rose arrangements. These lovelies are included in the best displays, decorations of leading venues and bouquets. As a growing number of consumers discover Avalanche roses through their increasing use, these roses are becoming an integral part of floral arrangements for everything from weddings to Mother’s Day Gifts. These Dutch top flower roses have a lot going for them, with their sturdy stems and oversized billowy flower heads that dependably open fully, revealing a high petal count. They last longer and can be procured year-round, and they are the #1 choice of royals and celebs. Avalanche roses have sustained their leading position among the most frequently requested wedding roses for over a decade, and are a sure fit for the currently trending vintage floral motif for lovely weddings. It’s mostly white rose, also available now in multi pastels. The long, strong stems are also low on thorns.


Wedding Color

Pastels are big now, with methods that introduce a wide range of hues all within a specific tonal value, for an ultra subtle softness. There will always be the special significance of the “all white” wedding, and today’s floral contributions are looking lovelier than ever, with dazzling combinations of white hydrangea, white roses and inset blooming white peonies. Touches of silver laced and pearly ornamentation peppered by sparkling rhinestone effects extend the crystal white softness, sustaining the ongoing choice of “all white” for today’s most stunning visual allure. With the intense formality that even comes for wedding casual, color can be perfectly added in while keeping the otherwise clean slate ambiance of a wedding. Tulips, hydrangeas and orchids offer special effects that beautifully clarify the design’s intent. As the word floriography refers to the language of flowers, today’s brides are paying more attention to the meaning behind every component of their bouquet. Now, not only for the visual effects, but also for what is represented, the wedding bouquet is intensely personal. Muted tones with greys and mossy greens as fillers form some of the most elegant of bridal bouquets for the vintage trend. They come in all sizes and shapes. Some from a distance appear to be a ball, while others may consist of a seemingly hand picked collection from a meadow walk. The modern wedding bouquet says it all, eloquently.



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