Flirting with that other guy at your wedding

By November 9, 2011Blog
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So, you always thought that you will only have eyes for your groom at your wedding, but now you find yourself smiling at, lightly flirting with and even laughing at every silly joke this other guy at your wedding throws at you. To make things worse, this stranger does the same to your groom whom also smiles right back at him.

No matter where you go on your wedding, this guy seems to be there, waiting for you, watching your every move. Who is this guy and why is he following you round like a lovesick puppy?

It may be of little help for you to know that almost every bride had one of these guys that also spend their wedding days with her, only stopping short of entering the honeymoon suite. In fact, this dude was probably the last one to wave you off into your new life as married couple. Then he had the audacity to return to your guests and continue his flirtatious ways with each person there.

Age has no meaning for this guy as he puts his charms onto your mother and God forbid your father whom also like your groom, sends his best smile back towards this intruder. To top it all one of you that this guy is watching like a hawk, probably paid him to be at your wedding!

Of course, I am not talking about an estranged lover of yours or a stalker you picked up online; I am talking about your wedding photographer. That other guy that spends his day making sure you keep that sparkle in your eyes.

He is the guy that tells your new husband that he is the luckiest man on this planet to be the one holding you right now resulting in your man gazing deep in your eyes before kissing you passionately. Click click. This dude whispers in your ear that your lipstick needs a bit of a retouch. Click click. He has you standing under a tree in a warm and tender embrace with you husband, Click click.

Family members that sort of hate each other becomes meek as lambs as this man sets them up in rows next to you and then gets the whole lot to smile at him.  Click click. You know that this is short of a miracle so you smile extra widely at him too. Click click. Your groom whispers in your ear that he thinks you are gorgeous too after the photographer said it for the tenth time that day. Click click.

Your wedding photographer can make or break your day, so choosing the right person for the job is vital. Here are a few short pointers to consider when you are scouting for this special person:

  • You and your groom like the person enough to laugh with him minutes after meeting him
  • You feel a sense of safety and security in his presence from the moment you meet
  • There is something alive and bubbly about the man
  • You can see him watching your face at every possible moment as he figures out your best angles
  • He asks you a lot of questions and actually listens to your answers
  • He answers your questions in a way that takes stress from your heart
  • He was on time for the first meeting and smelled great and looked like he just came from a wedding
  • He brought a lot of his work for you to see
  • You were given a list of questions before your meeting that he now use to help you picture your dream wedding
  • His contract is well written and you feel comfortable signing it
  • Even before you met him, you were given at least 5 other brides as references for you to contact and ask about him
  • You simply cannot picture your day without him shooting your wedding.

Choose very wisely and take your time to find the right photographer for your wedding. They are walking wedding encyclopedias and know what worked before and what ended in disaster. Tap his knowledge and build a great relationship with him long before you face his lens.

This way you will feel one hundred percent comfortable flirting with that other guy at your wedding.

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