Fairy brides and pirate grooms: themed weddings and how to do them

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Some people have hobbies that extend beyond their personal lives. You’re bound to be at a party one day and meet the 50 year old man who collects airplane models or the 65 year old woman who cuts out and saves the obituaries from the local paper.


Shiver me timbers!

People have hobbies for all sorts of reasons – because they are fun, interesting or sometimes just because they have nothing better to do. If you and your fiancé share a passion for something unusual – or even if you don’t – holding a themed wedding is something you may want to think about. Themed weddings can revolve around any theme at all. They are fun to plan and even more enjoyable to execute. Dressing up in interesting costumes may be involved. And if you do have a themed wedding it is guaranteed to go down into the books as one of the wildest weddings your guests have attended. But, what exactly is a themed wedding, and how do you go about organizing one?

In a nutshell, a themed wedding is basically a children’s birthday party on a grand scale. Think enchanted fairy castles, underwater sea worlds, forests, spaceships and more. But those are only the more obvious themes. Themes can also take on the forms of hobbies, interests or passions. For example if you and your fiancé are both into music, you might decide to turn your venue into a 1950’s concert hall or have a Beatles themed wedding. Any idea will work. The most important part is implementing your theme into your wedding through the invitations, place settings, wedding cake and décor. The beauty of a themed wedding is that you take an event that is usually taken quite seriously and turn the entire structure of it upside down, while you get to act like a kid again. Themed weddings also make for great photo opportunities as they provide an actual set that forms the background. This works especially nicely if costumes are involved. Still unsure how to go about planning your own themed wedding? Read on.

If you and your fiancé are unsure which direction to go in, sit down with a blank sheet of paper and no other commitments and literally write down every idea that comes to you. At the end of your brainstorming session you’ll have a long list of possible ideas. Some of these ideas will be ruled out automatically due to factors such as practicality, budget and personal preference, but at the end you should be left with a handful of possibilities. Now it’s time to ask yourselves a few key questions: What are we going to need to put this idea in place? How much will it cost? Will we have to hire specialized people to help? Where are we going to source our materials from? Can we carry this theme throughout the entire wedding? And lastly, in ten years’ time will be happy with our decisions?

After you’ve come up with your idea, try to think of ways in which to incorporate your theme throughout the entire wedding. If, for example, your theme is the 90’s, you can use tape cassettes with your guests’ names on them for the place settings and your band can play classic 90’s hits. Try to be as creative as you can, as this will come through on the day of your wedding. The most important aspect of a themed wedding, however, is the fun factor. Some things in life, no matter how much we’re told to take them seriously, should be approached with our tongues sticking out. Just don’t take that last bit literally or the wind might change.




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