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Entertain your guests with conversation cards!

17 June 2011 2,673 views Article By:

Do you have a table of guests that is a  mish-mash of friends, cousins and co workers? What about a school friends and single friends tables where no body knows each other? Situations such as these are just plain awkward… make your wedding a night to remember for the RIGHT reasons for these often forgotten guests and have a stack of conversation starter cards for them.

Create custom made cards (relating to how the guests come to know you and be at the wedding) so they may all share their stories and avoid awkward silences. If the table is a large table, have a centerpiece silled with questions on coloured paper in a large vase and have guests take it in turns of the “lucky dip”

Here are a few ideas to get you started with the questions…

1. How do you know the happy couple?

2. Do you have any words of advice for them?

3. I am here because I…

4. Whats your favorite memory of the happy couple?

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