Elizabeth Taylor, the worlds most beautiful bride… 8 times over!

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The world said goodbye to Elizabeth Taylor this morning so we have decided to take a look back at some of her wedding pictures to celebrate her wonderful and amazing life!

Wedding #1
Elizabeth Taylor married Hilton Hotels Conrad “Nicky” Hilton in 1950 their marriage lasted 205 days (yes, that’s right, Hilton as in Paris)

Wedding #2
Elizabeth Taylor marries Michael Wilding in 1952 in London

Wedding #3
Liz marries Michael Todd in Spain 9again in a civil ceremony) in 1957. Sadly Michael does in a plane crash

Wedding #4
Liz marries Eddie Fisher (whom she “stole” from Hollywood beauty Debbie Reynolds, when Fisher was sent to console Taylor after the death of Michael Todd) in Las Vegas.

Wedding #5
Liz marries Richard Burton (for the first time) whom she met just days after splitting with Fisher. The pair first married in 1964 and split in 1974

Wedding #6
Liz marries Richard Burton again. This time it lasted 8 months.

Wedding #7
Liz tries her hand at politics and married republican John Warner. (this pic isn’t from their wedding as there doesn’t seem to be any around) They married in 1976 and split in 1982

Wedding #8
Liz marries Larry Fortensky who she apparently met in rehab. After being single for 10 years, Liz ties the knot at MJ’s Neverland ranch (not sure if bubbles was there) The couple lasted 5 years before they split.



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