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By October 20, 2011Blog
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As technology change, we are faced with more options, which in turn take us further away from old traditions. The best example of this can be seen in the wedding invitation options we have today and which did not even exist ten years ago.

The big question now is: will you actually use the option of electronic invitations or do you prefer the card in the envelope method?

Forget for a moment about the vast savings of water, trees and nature in total that an electronic invitation brings about as to the paper version that abused all of the aforementioned resources. Rather focus on your personal feelings towards this question and then look at the amazing options available to you.

Many couples think that an electronic invitation is simply an unprinted version of the traditional designed card. This is quite far from true. Some couples do use their card design to send to guests that could not be reached by mail (maybe living in the Amazon under a tree) and then print and post the cards as per usual.

Modern designers will help you to put together an invitation that consists out of any colour you can imagine, include any design you could think of and include images you very seldom would be able to print perfectly. The electronic version opens up a dreamscape of possibilities. You can embody every aspect of your wedding in this invitation.

Pictures of you and your spouse to be can be masterly blended into the design and the design can have an automatic response section where your guests can simply RSVP with the click of a mouse. Ad to that coordinates to your venue which guests can download and use in their personal navigation systems and your guests will not get lost.

List your gift selections as part of the invitation and guests can simply make an online selection and buy your wedding gift this way. Banking details give them the option of a cash gift. All of these functions are done in one invitation with very little effort to you and your guests. And to top it all, your invitation looks like a million dollars.

For elderly persons that you may want to invite, the electronic invitation has a printable version that can easily be printed and mailed to them in the case where Internet access could be a problem. For guests that insist on using traditional maps, your invitation also has a Pdf version of the map to your venue that can be printed and used.

Some couples want to use all of the Internet options available to them ass well as the many social interactive sites that is available. They publish their wedding invitations on a private Facebook page where their selected guests then share in the build up to the actual wedding. The group shares pictures, stories and other ideas, which make the wedding even more personal and special.

With the use of live streaming, weddings get broadcasted to screens across the world. Guests can follow the wedding on their PC’s mobile phones or iPads and feel part of the wedding wherever they are in the world. To view the wedding they simply click on the button provided for this purpose on the electronic invitation. No searching, logging on or technical difficulties as all of this was done by the designer of the electronic invitation.

A recording of the wedding also lives on the Internet and can be send to friends and family as a thank you or as a keepsake for years to come. You can also see your own wedding whenever you want to. Wedding photographers use an application where the pictures they are taking are send and displayed at the area where your guest are waiting for you after the wedding.

Electronic invitations may also include or totally consist out of personal messaging where the couple send out a video in which they talk themselves and tell their family and friends to keep a date open or invite them personally to their wedding. Using this application couples can create personal invitations for each guest they want to invite or send out a generic recording. Again, guests get the invitation on pc’s, mobile phones or even via telephone or Skype and they can then RSVP immediately by simply clicking a button.

The word electronic invitation may thus conjure images in you of tacky designs and large files send directly to spam folders or you may see the endless and fun ways to create very personal and very smart invitations using the possibilities brought to you by electronic media.



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