Eat your way to great skin!

By May 30, 2011Blog
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Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day… that goes without saying and great looking skin is no exception.
So, imagine if you could eat your way to good skin… cleaning it from the inside out!

Say hello to my little purple friend, the Acai Berry.The Amazonia, Purple Berry to be exact.

What is this Berry and what makes it so special?

Purpleberries grow uniquely on an Açaí Palm (Euterpe oleracea) which flourishes over 6.1 million acres of Amazon rainforest in Brazil.  Amazon locals call the palm “the tree of life”.  It grows in a completely organic and wild environment with no pesticides or pollution and in the most nutrient dense soil in the world.

Will I turn purple after eating the berry?

No, that’s just ridiculous

What are the benefits of consuming this delightful little purple package of goodness?

Well, since its jam packed with anti oxidants, the berry is great for your skin and assists with boosting your energy..

What does it taste like?

Try it for yourself… the powder can  be sprinkled into milk and on cereal and takes like a chocolate coated berries. Yum!

All Amazonia Açaí products are Australian certified organic, completely preservative and artificial additive free, gluten free, wild harvested, raw, vegan and most importantly fair trade sourced.



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