Do you have a Plan B?

By January 13, 2011Blog
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In the last few days Australians have experienced yet another natural disaster of biblical proportions. The team at Bride Online is saddened by these events and is thinking of all of our brides and wedding vendors in Queensland who’s homes and businesses have been effected by these terrible events.
Whilst it doesn’t compare to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses that many families are facing, there will be a number of Brides (and grooms) who’s weddings wont be taking place this weekend.

Lots of brides invest a huge amount of time and money on their wedding day. If the day is disrupted in anyway it can seem like the end of the world. Emotions run high and when things start going awry it can place a huge amount of stress on all concerned. Some brides invest in insurance to cover any hiccups that may pop up, however insurance doesn’t cover everything and it can be expensive. Spend a few hours working on a “Plan B” for your wedding day. Just cover the basics (it doesn’t need to be an exhaustive list) to ensure that if something does happen, then your wedding could go ahead (albeit in a modified way)

Once again, our thoughts are will all of those who’s lives have been effected. If you would like to support the relief efforts for the flood victims, please donate to the Red Cross



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