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Thinking of having your wedding far, far away on a tropical beach? A Tuscan villa or a remote bush setting? There are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning and preparing for a destination wedding and being organised is the key! We have listed some of the etiquette that goes with planning a destination wedding so if you are considering one, you need to check out the following Destination Wedding etiquette!

-It is expected that all guests find their own way and accommodate themselves

-For special family members and friends that may not be able to afford the trip, the bride and groom can offer to help them. Its essential to be discreet in this instance

-Some couples book the accommodation for their guests to save the hassle, make sure that if you are booking this as a courtesy (and not actually paying for it) you let the guests know

-Give guests accommodation options to suit tastes and budgets

-Arrange transport for guests who may not be able to stay at “your designated” hotel

-Make your guests feel welcome and provide them with some sort of arrival dinner/party/function which will enable them to meet and mingle with other guests

-Provide detailed information on activities and sightseeing option in the area. Create a mini travel guide for those who are less adventurous.

-Make sure your guests know that after the wedding you will be on your honeymoon, you dont need to spend all day everyday with them so you may wish to move to another hotel or travel to your next destination

-Make sure you thank all of your guests who make the trip to spend your special day with you. Destination weddings can be a huge expense for some and not for others so make sure you thank everyone profusely for joining you


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