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This week has been all about creating a customised wedding, a totally unique, completely different from everyone else kind of experience. We have looked at shoes and vows so far and today we have compiled a list of all the other elements of your wedding that can be customised.
You don’t have to go the whole nine yards and completely customise EVERY little detail, however adding unique touches here and there is whats going to set your day apart and make it memorable. Take a look at the list below and think about how you can “tweak” your wedding day to be truly about YOU!

Save the date
menus (maybe make it what you had on your first date etc)
cocktail (create a signature cocktail for the reception)
shoes and accessories
flowers (work with your florist on creating something other than the “stock standard” bouquet
wedding cake/cupcakes/candy bar/desert etc
fragrance (have a scent at your reception)
wedding song (write one or have one written for you)

Any other ideas from our brides to be? What are you doing to customise your wedding?
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