The charitable wedding: why helping others is the ultimate wedding gift

By September 6, 2013Blog
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Weddings are all about abundance – beautiful, lush flower arrangements, an elaborate wedding cake and a bridal dress that cost you upwards of a grand. And that’s ok, normal even. Wedding are supposed to be grand, once-in-a-lifetime affairs.


But while you’re celebrating tying the knot to your new husband over endless glasses of the finest champagne, there are millions of people out there in the world who will never come close to experiencing life in the same way. Weddings are a time of great joy, and therefore make a great time to reach to some of these people, either directly or indirectly, who may not be experiencing such joy or contentment. One of the great things about incorporating charity into your wedding is that you begin your marriage by doing something positive and humanitarian, paving the way for a marriage that is founded on solid morals and ethics. If you like the idea of giving to others at the time of your wedding but are unsure as to how it can be done, here we’ll provide you with a few practical ways of how to go about it so that you too can give the gift that keeps on giving.

If you take the idea of charity seriously and are willing to forgo wedding gifts, you might want to consider asking your guests for donations towards your chosen charity in lieu of wedding gifts. This is a bold way to put other people’s needs before your own and raise money for a cause you believe in at the same time. Another version of this idea is to inform your guests prior to the wedding that you will be donating a percentage of every check received to your chosen charity. This idea works nicely when you are relying on your wedding gifts to help with your new life, but are also keen to contribute to a charity in even a small way. When it comes to charities, remember that every little bit counts, so never be fooled into thinking no amount given is better than a small amount given.

Charity 8Another idea you may want to take on board is to purchase your wedding favours from a charity like Unicef that offers wedding favours in the form of cards. These cards are then given to each guest with information about the charity and pictures of the work they do. The effect of these unique wedding favours is two-fold: you will be helping out the charity directly from the purchase of these cards, and in addition, you’ll be raising awareness about the charity to all your guests, who may then choose to donate personally.

Other ideas you may want to think about include donating your wedding dress to a charity after the wedding. There may even be an option for the charity to auction your dress off and use the money raised to fund their initiatives. Other things that can be donated at the end of the wedding are the leftover food, the floral arrangements, and even the leftover wedding cake. Just remember that whatever you no longer have a use for, someone else very possibly will, so think twice before dumping anything leftover you think is not needed anymore.

Above everything, charity should always be given with heart. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you are able to give, when you put your heart into the act of giving, charity really does become the gift that keeps on giving.



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