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The Facebook wedding: where privacy and private lives are blurred
[4 Apr 2013 ]

… Now picture a large screen, perhaps the size of a movie theatre screen, but instead of a movie playing on the screen, your personal photos are being projected live in front of hundreds of watching eyes. How does that make you feel?

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Wedding on a shoe string: DIY ideas for amateurs
[11 Feb 2013 ]

Weddings do not always have to be traditional, elaborate affairs complete with the posh venue, chauffeur driven wedding car and fancy three course dinner.

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hairstylin’ it
[10 Dec 2012 ]

A bride’s hair on her wedding day is an extension of her dress. It’s something that, when done well, will look fantastic and complete the outfit, but when not quite right will end up bringing the entire outfit down.

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The unconventional hen’s night
[22 Nov 2012 ]

For some people a fun night out involves downing copious amounts of alcohol and doing things you don’t want to remember the next morning but are fun at the time.

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Thought Your Ride to Church was Special?
[24 Apr 2012 ]

Mostly the wedding car disappears after the wedding and very few ever make top billing as far as memories are concerned. But do you think your ride to church was special? Wait till you see what others decided to use.