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Fairy brides and pirate grooms: themed weddings and how to do them
[2 Aug 2013 ]

Some people have hobbies that extend beyond their personal lives. You’re bound to be at a party one day and meet the 50 year old man who collects airplane models or the 65 year old woman who cuts out and saves the obituaries from the local paper.

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5 of the best wedding entertainers out there
[30 Jul 2013 ]

Wedding entertainers are the spice that keeps weddings alive and joyful. That’s not to say that weddings without hired entertainers are bland or uninteresting.

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From trash to treasure: how to glam up your grandmother’s wedding gown
[19 Jul 2013 ]

Vintage is the new vogue – everyone says so. If there were ever a time to drag out your mother’s 70’s frocks and pass them off as cool, now is the time!

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What your wedding car says about you
[5 Jul 2013 ]

Let’s just pause for a minute and imagine a world without cars. We’d have nothing to wash down lovingly on the weekend, nothing to shelter us from the rain at the exact same time as moving us closer to our destination, and – perhaps most importantly – we’d be without our own personal moving transportation.

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Four-eyed bride: how to rock glasses on your wedding day
[25 Jun 2013 ]

For the glasses wearers amongst us, sometimes we’re all a bit gung ho about our shortsightedness and we think something along the lines of, ‘Yeah, glasses are awesome, man. They make you look hot.’