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4 unexpected wedding professionals you may want to hire
[4 Oct 2013 ]

Weddings are like productions. They demand attention, and a specialized crew of people pulling strings to get the show happening.

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3 tips on choosing your ultimate wedding playlist
[3 Sep 2013 ]

If music was a diet, some people would live off of it. As it is, music plays a huge role in the lives of many people. It is one of those mediums that has the ability to transport you, to move you emotionally…

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5 of the best wedding entertainers out there
[30 Jul 2013 ]

Wedding entertainers are the spice that keeps weddings alive and joyful. That’s not to say that weddings without hired entertainers are bland or uninteresting.

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Two left feet and one wedding dance: how to dance like no one is watching
[8 Mar 2013 ]

Some people are born dancers. They crawl out of the womb with the grace of a third year ballet student, and proceed to tap dance through life, pirouetting around anything that may come in the way of them and their inherently graceful limbs. Others are not as lucky.

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A Tiny Hole in the Floor
[21 Feb 2012 ]

The reception venue was perfect and after all the decorations, flowers and table settings were done, it looked like the dream wedding our bride always dreamed of. So deliriously happy was she, that she did not see the tiny hole in the dance floor.