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Paper etiquette: the rulebook of wedding invitations
[19 Nov 2013 ]

Once upon a time there were people who devoted their time to writing etiquette books, enlightening their fellow citizens on table manners, dinner parties and the correct use of social correspondence.

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5 questions to ask yourself when determining your guest list
[21 Feb 2013 ]

It’s time to do that dreaded task. You know the one we mean – the one you’ve been pushing off until the last minute. Yes, we’re referring to the guest list. That typed out list of the people lucky enough to get an invite to your wedding.

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the bridezilla alter ego
[29 Nov 2012 ]

It’s my wedding day and the photographer is late. It’s MY wedding day and the photographer is LATE. How could he be late on MY WEDDING DAY? Come to think of it, the centerpieces are not quite as they were pictured, the bouquet in my hands is slightly off centre.

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Hosting your wedding takes effort.
[29 Dec 2011 ]

We have seen it numerous times – brides and grooms getting on with hosting their wedding days; not giving each other any special attention only to meet after the wedding asking: So how was your day?

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Desination Wedding Etiquette
[24 Oct 2011 ]

Thinking of having your wedding far, far away on a tropical beach? A Tuscan villa or a remote bush setting? There are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning and preparing for a destination wedding and being organised is the key! We have listed some of the etiquette that goes with planning a destination wedding so if you are considering one, you need to check out the following Destination Wedding etiquette!
-It is expected that all guests find their own way and accommodate themselves
-For special family members …