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Engaged and expecting: The pregnant bride
[17 May 2013 ]

Planning a wedding can be a hectic and sometimes stressful time. But what if you’re planning a wedding and you also just happen to be pregnant?

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Real figures and the Barbie ideal: has Barbie shaped our wedding insecurities?
[28 Mar 2013 ]

Life is full of contradictions. We are expected to grow into balanced and healthy adults with a positive body image, yet all around us the media is telling us we don’t quite measure up.

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Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon have done it. Will you too be persuaded to wear a coloured bridal dress?
[14 Mar 2013 ]

Someone along the line decided to shake things up a little, replacing tradition with terrific and the norm with the unexpected and this attitude is being reflected all over the world!

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hairstylin’ it
[10 Dec 2012 ]

A bride’s hair on her wedding day is an extension of her dress. It’s something that, when done well, will look fantastic and complete the outfit, but when not quite right will end up bringing the entire outfit down.

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Will my dress fit?
[14 Nov 2012 ]

We know that moment all too well. That moment when you slip on your wedding dress a week before the wedding, waiting for the dressmaker to zip or button you up. You stand up straight, focus your energy on positive things, draw your stomach in and your shoulders back and…