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[13 Oct 2015 ]

If you’re lucky, it means your beau goes on a fishing trip or has a BBQ with the guys and maybe has a few too many beers – no big deal. But if his groomsmen go the more risqué (and often more popular) route of bars, booze and boobs, then you might have a problem on your hands.

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Owning the suit: How to look and feel comfortable in formal wear
[27 Aug 2013 ]

Weddings usually have a few unspoken rules: female guests who attend should veer away from wearing white, corsages for men are the go-to option, and the groom and groomsmen should all follow an unwritten dress code, also known as formal wear.

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Cut, clarity and credit cards: 3 tips for choosing your wedding ring
[22 Mar 2013 ]

Three things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding ring with the aim of easing some of the pressure surrounding this little piece of rock real estate.

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Brides ask: Do I want a poster Wedding ?
[17 Dec 2012 ]

In the planning of a wedding, one of the things a bride must decide on is whether she wants her wedding to be poster material. By poster material we’re talking five beautiful bridesmaids in a row in matching dresses, five handsome groomsmen in a row, all distinguished in that too-good-for-real-life kind of way.

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Til death do us part
[5 Nov 2012 ]

Wedding vows. Do those two words put together make sweat beads form on your brow and your heart start to palpitate? No, we’re not talking about the act of committing yourself to your fiancé for the rest of your life, we’re talking writing those vows. That moment when the wedding pauses, the room quiets down and all the attention is on the two of you.