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[23 Sep 2016 ]

The gorgeous Hollywood duo are known for keeping their family life out of the spotlight, and instead focus on

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[23 Sep 2016 ]

Singer and The Voice judge Gwen Stefani already hired celebrity wedding planner Jerri Woolworth. If this wer

Celebrity Weddings »

[21 Sep 2016 ]

In a celebrity wedding affair that took place last year, popular fashion stylist and Fashion Watch panelist Annabel Onyango together with her husband …

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Wedding Photographer Flies Remote Control Camera into Grooms Face!
[18 Oct 2013 ]

While there have many years of studying Videography, Aviation lessons are not included. Unfortunately for the Groom, this information caused quite the headache as the camera flew straight into his face.

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a colourful family at a black tie event
[5 Dec 2012 ]

Some families are…for lack of a better word, colourful. Are you nervous about your family embarrassing you on your wedding day? Your not alone.