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5 of the best wedding entertainers out there
[30 Jul 2013 ]

Wedding entertainers are the spice that keeps weddings alive and joyful. That’s not to say that weddings without hired entertainers are bland or uninteresting.

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Saying ‘I do’: That moment you realize it’s more than just words
[26 Jul 2013 ]

You catch sight of yourself in the mirror on the day of your wedding and something in your gaze makes you pause and stare back, slightly unnerved – it’s that moment.

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Bomboniere and the budgeting dilemma: 3 ways to save on your wedding favours
[23 Jul 2013 ]

Bomboniere. How could a word that sounds so charming and innocent be the cause of such major penny spillage? The concept of bomboniere sounds simple enough..

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So he doesn’t write you love letters: surprising ways to bridge the romantic divide
[12 Jul 2013 ]

Come on, admit it. You were one of those girls who grew up wishing the guy you ended up with would be the romantic type. Cruises at sunset, bush walks at the crack of dawn, rings engraved with messages – the whole nine yards.

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3 of the best bomboniere ideas for your wedding
[20 Jun 2013 ]

With such a huge field to be creative in, it can be hard to come up with the perfect bomboniere ideas. Ideally, your bombonieres should be tasteful and fun and leave your guests feeling extra special.