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[13 Dec 2013 ]

Remember that old phrase that goes something like: ‘experience is the best teacher’? Well, phrases like that only become important because they happen to be true…

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[15 Nov 2013 ]

Some people thrive on wedding planning. They get a glint of excitement in their eye every time the word ‘wedding’ is merely mentioned, a spring in their step as they walk into their dressmaker’s for each fitting.

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5 photographic moments you need to get on camera
[12 Nov 2013 ]

Well done – you’ve booked your wedding photographer. Easy, right? Wrong. Booking a photographer is the simple part. The hard part is briefing your chosen photographer on the kind of photos you’re hoping to achieve on your big day.

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Top 5 Beautiful Balloon ideas we ♥ right now!
[28 Oct 2013 ]

Our top 5 ways to incorporate beautiful balloons into your big day!

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1000 dresses and the ultimate hunt: tips on finding the perfect wedding dress
[15 Oct 2013 ]

Let’s allow our imagination to wander for a minute. Picture in your mind’s eye a large stadium. The stadium is divided up into aisles and lining each aisle are racks of bridal gowns…