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[23 Sep 2016 ]

Weddings are notoriously expensive, and one of the first things that couples cut in an attempt to save money is the wedding planner.

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[4 Jul 2016 ]

As they say in Game of Thrones, Winter is coming. While this might be bad news for our friends in the seven kingdoms it does not have to be for the Australian bride.

Many brides dread a rainy day or shivering guests and the image in their head of a winter wedding is filled with wet hair nightmares or muddy shoes. This does not have to be the case! Not only can a winter wedding be beautiful, the imaginative bride can create a truly magical setting that all of her guests …

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[24 Feb 2016 ]

As if starting your new life with your true love weren’t exciting enough, you can also look forward to getting a lot of gifts when you get married. If you don’t provide your guests some direction, you might end up with five blenders and six crock pots.

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[4 Feb 2016 ]

Make your wedding truly your own by thinking outside the box for everything from your wedding bouquet to the drinks you serve at your reception.

Honeymoon Planning Your Wedding Pre Wedding »

[21 Jan 2016 ]

Right after your wedding, your honeymoon will be among the most memorable times in your life. It is the perfect way to celebrate your first days as a married couple and give yourselves time to really enjoy being with one another before you have to return to “real life” with work and bills.