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Top 5 mistakes couples make on their honeymoons and how to avoid them
[21 Dec 2012 ]

If each part of the wedding process – the pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding periods – were compared to a meal with entrée, main and dessert, the pre wedding period would be the entrée, the wedding itself, the main and the honeymoon, the dessert.

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The day before Christmas
[13 Mar 2012 ]

Often two families find themselves in a well hidden tug of war as far as weddings are concerned.
The clear and fast rules of who does what, who buys what and who gets to enjoy what, seems the main culprits. This comes from not knowing each other very well and in the end, it sometimes boils over just when no body feels like it.

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Who takes the lead in the honeymoon suite?
[5 Jan 2012 ]

The cake is cut, the confetti swept and the dance hall empty – time for the honeymoon. Ask any newly wed couple and many will tell you that their first night was the worst of their entire honeymoon. Could this be due to a lack of understanding about who does what in the honeymoon suite?

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A Bee or not a bee
[22 Dec 2011 ]

You’ve seen them at weddings – the mother of the bride that simply cannot stop herself from acting like the most important person at the event. Sometimes nature helps them in their quest for attention by providing the ultimate attention grabbing moments these mothers crave.