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[8 Dec 2015 ]

Photoshop has not always had the greatest of reputations. Once used to make a photo look NOTHING like it really appeared, Photoshop itself has been perfected and is now used for everything from improving scenery to hiding blemishes.

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[5 Nov 2015 ]

Celebrities are always at the cutting edge of fashion and style, and their weddings are no exception. Looking at pictures of a celebrity wedding is like taking a glimpse into the future — you’ll see a lot of those elements in the weddings you’ll attend in a few months or even the following year. While not everyone can afford a Carolina Herrera wedding dress or Crystal for the toast, you can still enjoy some of the same style touches from a celebrity wedding by adapting an element or two.

Here are …

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[23 Sep 2015 ]

Okay, I will admit that when I first heard of this idea I flinched a little, but once I’d seen a few of the designs I couldn’t help but feel that this combination could really be incredibly versatile and has the potential look gorgeous on just about any bride.

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[15 Sep 2015 ]

Before we got married, our life was full of dates. From creative go carting to trips to a local amusement park to even dates at the organic supermarket; Jonathan always made me feel like a princess.

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[4 Aug 2014 ]

Written by Renee Taft

Your boyfriend and your best friend are probably the two most important relationships in your life, apart from your family. Nurturing these relationships is always important, but even more so is ensuring that your best friend and significant other get along, considering how meaningful they both are to you.
I remember how my best friend hated my first serious boyfriend. She had no qualms about telling me that I was an idiot for dating him, that we were incompatible, that he was too arrogant, among other complaints. …