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[17 Dec 2013 ]

If you’re sitting on the fence over whether or not to do a wedding dance with your partner, here we’ll tell you exactly why you should get off the fence and into a dance studio now – even if it means dragging your fiancé by the ears.

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[4 Dec 2013 ]

Say the word ‘exercise’ in front of a group of women and you’ll be met with different reactions. If you find exercise boring and tedious, you’re not alone so here’s some good news for you: exercise can be so freakin’ fun it won’t even feel like exercise.

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3 ways to manage your drink on your wedding day
[16 Aug 2013 ]

All great parties need a little something to keep them running smoothly. In this situation, the ‘something’ we are referring to is that magical substance called alcohol.

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3 fail-proof methods for staying in shape before your wedding
[27 May 2013 ]

Stress is like a monster. It lies in wait and attacks when least expected, infiltrating our normal, healthy selves with the all-consuming messiness of it.