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Translating the Melbourne dress code
[10 Jan 2012 ]

Summer brings out a flurry of one-piece simple cut dresses onto the streets of Melbourne. Cut perfectly, sitting somewhere between the knee and the thigh and if it is not black, the colours are muted. These little dresses are designed to show the natural curves of women perfectly. So I wondered: How does this office fashion translate into bridal wear?

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Happy New Year Brides to Be… its a leap year!
[6 Jan 2012 ]

Its a leap year ladies..

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Who takes the lead in the honeymoon suite?
[5 Jan 2012 ]

The cake is cut, the confetti swept and the dance hall empty – time for the honeymoon. Ask any newly wed couple and many will tell you that their first night was the worst of their entire honeymoon. Could this be due to a lack of understanding about who does what in the honeymoon suite?

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Where there’s smoke, there is fire.
[3 Jan 2012 ]

Turns out her jacket was fake leather and the plastic started melting sending some smoke rising from her back. ‘You are smoking’ a suitor said. ‘Yes, she answered coyly, but don’t tell my dad.’ Her giggles rang out at her own silly joke. ‘No’, he insisted, ‘your clothes are smoking.’