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The unconventional hen’s night
[22 Nov 2012 ]

For some people a fun night out involves downing copious amounts of alcohol and doing things you don’t want to remember the next morning but are fun at the time.

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You know I’d walk a thousand miles
[19 Nov 2012 ]

According to grandmothers everywhere, you can tell a lot about a woman by her hair and by her shoes. We all know a bride’s hair will be perfectly in place on her wedding day, but what about a bride’s shoes?

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Will my dress fit?
[14 Nov 2012 ]

We know that moment all too well. That moment when you slip on your wedding dress a week before the wedding, waiting for the dressmaker to zip or button you up. You stand up straight, focus your energy on positive things, draw your stomach in and your shoulders back and…

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Healthy in body, mind and spirit
[9 Nov 2012 ]

Weddings are fraught with equal parts of nervous and excited energy & anxiety. Here is your guide to a balanced & healthy lifestyle, in body, mind and spirit,

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Til death do us part
[5 Nov 2012 ]

Wedding vows. Do those two words put together make sweat beads form on your brow and your heart start to palpitate? No, we’re not talking about the act of committing yourself to your fiancé for the rest of your life, we’re talking writing those vows. That moment when the wedding pauses, the room quiets down and all the attention is on the two of you.