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hairstylin’ it
[10 Dec 2012 ]

A bride’s hair on her wedding day is an extension of her dress. It’s something that, when done well, will look fantastic and complete the outfit, but when not quite right will end up bringing the entire outfit down.

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hello, my name is insomnia
[7 Dec 2012 ]

It’s two o’clock in the morning and your body is as heavy as a sack of potatoes but your mind is as active as a five year old on a trampoline. Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever been plagued with a case of insomnia will be able to tell you just how familiar it sounds.

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a colourful family at a black tie event
[5 Dec 2012 ]

Some families are…for lack of a better word, colourful. Are you nervous about your family embarrassing you on your wedding day? Your not alone.

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the bridezilla alter ego
[29 Nov 2012 ]

It’s my wedding day and the photographer is late. It’s MY wedding day and the photographer is LATE. How could he be late on MY WEDDING DAY? Come to think of it, the centerpieces are not quite as they were pictured, the bouquet in my hands is slightly off centre.

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Help! Do I really want to do this?
[26 Nov 2012 ]

What you have to realize is that you can be completely head over heels over your fiancé, been looking forward to your wedding from day one, and these thoughts may still decide to play games with you. In other words, thoughts like these are completely normal in most cases.