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Overbearing mother in laws: unexpected ways to bridge the divide
[1 Feb 2013 ]

Everything is fantastic. You’re marrying the love of your life and you couldn’t be happier. There’s just one tiny, niggling thing that bothers you in quite the same way as that pestering fly …

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She was the last person in the world expected to get married. So why now is she donning the white dress?
[24 Jan 2013 ]

It’s a scenario you might have seen replayed in one of your school friends, or even in yourself. We know the type all too well.

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Top 5 mistakes couples make on their honeymoons and how to avoid them
[21 Dec 2012 ]

If each part of the wedding process – the pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding periods – were compared to a meal with entrée, main and dessert, the pre wedding period would be the entrée, the wedding itself, the main and the honeymoon, the dessert.

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Shameful secrets and burning lies: are you hiding anything from your fiancé?
[19 Dec 2012 ]

People are like bottomless vessels. We contain so much, yet when you try to dig to find the bottom, there is always more to be found.

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Brides ask: Do I want a poster Wedding ?
[17 Dec 2012 ]

In the planning of a wedding, one of the things a bride must decide on is whether she wants her wedding to be poster material. By poster material we’re talking five beautiful bridesmaids in a row in matching dresses, five handsome groomsmen in a row, all distinguished in that too-good-for-real-life kind of way.