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Bridal bling: how much is too much?
[24 Apr 2013 ]

Lots of girls like things that sparkle: Diamond watches, diamond bracelets, oh, and did we mention the ring thing? But how much is too much ?

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Thrift shop bride: How to source your entire wedding from your local charity store
[17 Apr 2013 ]

If you love op shopping – and even if you don’t, you’ve got to admit they make for great treasure hunting activities, even for your wedding!

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The Facebook wedding: where privacy and private lives are blurred
[4 Apr 2013 ]

… Now picture a large screen, perhaps the size of a movie theatre screen, but instead of a movie playing on the screen, your personal photos are being projected live in front of hundreds of watching eyes. How does that make you feel?

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Real figures and the Barbie ideal: has Barbie shaped our wedding insecurities?
[28 Mar 2013 ]

Life is full of contradictions. We are expected to grow into balanced and healthy adults with a positive body image, yet all around us the media is telling us we don’t quite measure up.

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On Kitchenaids and kitchen knives: 3 tips for forming your wedding registry
[25 Mar 2013 ]

Gift registries are the lolly lands of wedding planning. That moment when we can walk into a shop, choose whatever and have our gifts delivered to us?