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3 things you need to know about bridal bouquets
[9 Jul 2013 ]

Have you ever been to a wedding where there was not a single flower in sight? Our guess is probably not. Flowers are synonymous with weddings. They add scent, colour and richness, while acting as an ingredient that visually brings the wedding to life.

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Four-eyed bride: how to rock glasses on your wedding day
[25 Jun 2013 ]

For the glasses wearers amongst us, sometimes we’re all a bit gung ho about our shortsightedness and we think something along the lines of, ‘Yeah, glasses are awesome, man. They make you look hot.’

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3 of the best bomboniere ideas for your wedding
[20 Jun 2013 ]

With such a huge field to be creative in, it can be hard to come up with the perfect bomboniere ideas. Ideally, your bombonieres should be tasteful and fun and leave your guests feeling extra special.

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How to wear a dress: bridal advice for tomboys
[3 Jun 2013 ]

Not all girls grow up liking dolls and playing nicely in the corner. Some learn to ride bikes and climb trees before they learn that a dolls hair is not meant for cutting. The term, ‘tomboy’ refers loosely to the second type of girls.

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3 fail-proof methods for staying in shape before your wedding
[27 May 2013 ]

Stress is like a monster. It lies in wait and attacks when least expected, infiltrating our normal, healthy selves with the all-consuming messiness of it.