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Edible Bomboniere!
[25 Jul 2013 ]

Edible Bomboniere no longer need to just be sugar coated almonds (although always a classic) There are so many tasty options for your Wedding Favors today!

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Blush Themed Wedding
[22 Jul 2013 ]

What do you think of a blush themed wedding ?

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From trash to treasure: how to glam up your grandmother’s wedding gown
[19 Jul 2013 ]

Vintage is the new vogue – everyone says so. If there were ever a time to drag out your mother’s 70’s frocks and pass them off as cool, now is the time!

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3 things to look out for when choosing a wedding dressmaker
[16 Jul 2013 ]

Lovely – you’re getting married. Now comes all the super fun things you need to organize: finding a venue, securing hair and make-up artists, organizing bridesmaids. Oh, and did we mention the dress thing?

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So he doesn’t write you love letters: surprising ways to bridge the romantic divide
[12 Jul 2013 ]

Come on, admit it. You were one of those girls who grew up wishing the guy you ended up with would be the romantic type. Cruises at sunset, bush walks at the crack of dawn, rings engraved with messages – the whole nine yards.