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Owning the suit: How to look and feel comfortable in formal wear
[27 Aug 2013 ]

Weddings usually have a few unspoken rules: female guests who attend should veer away from wearing white, corsages for men are the go-to option, and the groom and groomsmen should all follow an unwritten dress code, also known as formal wear.

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3 ways to manage your drink on your wedding day
[16 Aug 2013 ]

All great parties need a little something to keep them running smoothly. In this situation, the ‘something’ we are referring to is that magical substance called alcohol.

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Fairy brides and pirate grooms: themed weddings and how to do them
[2 Aug 2013 ]

Some people have hobbies that extend beyond their personal lives. You’re bound to be at a party one day and meet the 50 year old man who collects airplane models or the 65 year old woman who cuts out and saves the obituaries from the local paper.

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5 of the best wedding entertainers out there
[30 Jul 2013 ]

Wedding entertainers are the spice that keeps weddings alive and joyful. That’s not to say that weddings without hired entertainers are bland or uninteresting.

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Saying ‘I do’: That moment you realize it’s more than just words
[26 Jul 2013 ]

You catch sight of yourself in the mirror on the day of your wedding and something in your gaze makes you pause and stare back, slightly unnerved – it’s that moment.