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Bridal jealousy: how to deal sensitively with your single friends
[11 Oct 2013 ]

Getting married is a little like joining an elite club: the Marriage Club. In this club, there is plenty of time to talk about weddings which can be at the expense of people you once had a lot to do with and would still like in your lives – your single friends!

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Selecting a Wedding Dress after Breast Cancer ♥
[10 Oct 2013 ]

For all those strong ladies who have survived or are going through Breast Cancer, here are some examples of wedding gowns that will make you look and feel confident and beautiful on your special day, without worrying about feeling overexposed.

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How to maximize wedding decorations to create a mood for your wedding
[8 Oct 2013 ]

Wedding venue? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Flowers? Check. Wedding decorations? Umm, not yet.

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How to combat rain on your wedding day
[1 Oct 2013 ]

You’ve planned everything to the very last detail. Your gown is pressed and steamed, hanging and ready for you to slip into it. Your bridesmaids are scheduled in to the minute with your hair and make-up teams. You know exactly what time the photographer is going to show up. Now the only thing left to do is wait and enjoy.

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Lunch hour wedding planning: how to juggle full time work with full time wedding planning
[24 Sep 2013 ]

Imagine the job description of a wedding planner: pulling together a large scale event, negotiating between photographers and caterers, wedding bands and dance floor hirers. …