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[10 Dec 2013 ]

An at-home honeymoon is about creating your own personal haven in the comfort of your own home. There are always steps that can be taken and a method to follow to accomplish that feeling of bliss. Here’s our personal honeymoon-at-home guide:

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[6 Dec 2013 ]

You can’t escape them. You can try, of course, but they will always find you, drag you out from under your rock and make you sing “Happy Birthday” to your 5 year old niece.

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[4 Dec 2013 ]

Say the word ‘exercise’ in front of a group of women and you’ll be met with different reactions. If you find exercise boring and tedious, you’re not alone so here’s some good news for you: exercise can be so freakin’ fun it won’t even feel like exercise.

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[29 Nov 2013 ]

There’s something to be said about good, old fashioned culture, don’t you think? In the 21st century it’s totally impressive that some people still observe ancient traditions. So, yay, culture is awesome, and, by extension, so is ethnicity.

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[26 Nov 2013 ]

Star signs are one of those things people either believe in or don’t. There are some people who don’t have an interest in delving into their sign