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[22 Apr 2016 ]

It’s all about the “meaning” behind symbolic treasures this year! The backstory and tradition of the something old, new, borrowed and blue have made their way into the wedding spotlight for 2016.

Ceremony & Reception Featured Wedding Flowers »

[12 Apr 2016 ]

Today’s brides are looking more and more to ways to depart from tradition. Some don’t like what those traditions represent

Featured Pre Wedding »

[4 Mar 2016 ]

No matter how long you’ve been together or known each other, there are a few things you really must take into consideration prior to any knot-tying, because as we all know or have heard–things change, once you’re married.

Essential Services Featured Gifts & Registries Planning Your Wedding Pre Wedding »

[24 Feb 2016 ]

As if starting your new life with your true love weren’t exciting enough, you can also look forward to getting a lot of gifts when you get married. If you don’t provide your guests some direction, you might end up with five blenders and six crock pots.

Catering Ceremony & Reception Featured »

[22 Feb 2016 ]

A huge part of planning a wedding is planning the reception. Your family and friends will be happy to watch you proclaim your love for one another, but they’ll really be looking forward to the celebration afterward!