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[20 Jun 2016 ]

There are many ways you can create Heavenly ambiance for your wedding, based on your location and use of decorations to create the vibe you envision for your event.

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[26 May 2016 ]

When it comes to exchanging vows, a wedding is pretty straightforward, and depending on the type of service you have, typical ceremonies don’t last more than an hour, with the majority of them lasting much less time. After all, everybody knows why people go to weddings, and as the bride, you certainly don’t want to disappoint. Today’s brides are stepping way outside of the box in planning entertainment for their wedding reception guests to ensure that this particular gala–which should be your personal greatest, ever–will astound, impress and rock the …

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[22 Apr 2016 ]

It’s all about the “meaning” behind symbolic treasures this year! The backstory and tradition of the something old, new, borrowed and blue have made their way into the wedding spotlight for 2016.

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[12 Apr 2016 ]

Today’s brides are looking more and more to ways to depart from tradition. Some don’t like what those traditions represent

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[4 Mar 2016 ]

No matter how long you’ve been together or known each other, there are a few things you really must take into consideration prior to any knot-tying, because as we all know or have heard–things change, once you’re married.