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[9 Feb 2016 ]

On your wedding day, even little things going wrong can seem like major disasters. While you can’t control everything that may happen, you can make plans so that you are better prepared.

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[4 Feb 2016 ]

Make your wedding truly your own by thinking outside the box for everything from your wedding bouquet to the drinks you serve at your reception.

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[14 Jan 2016 ]

In planning your wedding, there is an awful lot of thought and consideration devoted to how you are going to look on your big day–including the precise way in which you will arrive, what you’ll be wearing at the ceremony, and then there’ll be the photos immediately following.

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[8 Dec 2015 ]

If you don’t have the right conversations with your fiancé before the big day, you may be setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment and heartache after the big walk down the aisle.

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[4 Nov 2015 ]

Shopping for your gown can be the most simultaneously exciting and excruciating stage of wedding planning. To ease the process, we’ve put together a few tried-and-true tips to make sure that bridal shop appointments go according to plan.

Pick your shopping partners carefully
Deciding who to take with you on your dress hunting quest is crucial in setting the tone of the trip. Try to limit your entourage to just two to three people – any more than that and it can become more difficult to make sure things go as planned, …