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[20 Jun 2016 ]

There are many ways you can create Heavenly ambiance for your wedding, based on your location and use of decorations to create the vibe you envision for your event.

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[14 Apr 2016 ]

With the proper planning, there will be nothing to interfere–neither natural or manmade–with the celebration you envision for the culmination of a day you’ve dreamed of–your whole life.

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4 unexpected wedding professionals you may want to hire
[4 Oct 2013 ]

Weddings are like productions. They demand attention, and a specialized crew of people pulling strings to get the show happening.

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5 things you don’t want to forget on your honeymoon
[2 May 2013 ]

Nobody ever expects things to go wrong, especially on something as blissful as a honeymoon, but the reality is that it’s better to come prepared than suffer the consequences.

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Top 5 mistakes couples make on their honeymoons and how to avoid them
[21 Dec 2012 ]

If each part of the wedding process – the pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding periods – were compared to a meal with entrée, main and dessert, the pre wedding period would be the entrée, the wedding itself, the main and the honeymoon, the dessert.