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Til death do us part
[5 Nov 2012 ]

Wedding vows. Do those two words put together make sweat beads form on your brow and your heart start to palpitate? No, we’re not talking about the act of committing yourself to your fiancé for the rest of your life, we’re talking writing those vows. That moment when the wedding pauses, the room quiets down and all the attention is on the two of you.

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Translating the Melbourne dress code
[10 Jan 2012 ]

Summer brings out a flurry of one-piece simple cut dresses onto the streets of Melbourne. Cut perfectly, sitting somewhere between the knee and the thigh and if it is not black, the colours are muted. These little dresses are designed to show the natural curves of women perfectly. So I wondered: How does this office fashion translate into bridal wear?

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A Bee or not a bee
[22 Dec 2011 ]

You’ve seen them at weddings – the mother of the bride that simply cannot stop herself from acting like the most important person at the event. Sometimes nature helps them in their quest for attention by providing the ultimate attention grabbing moments these mothers crave.

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Questions to ask your wedding celebrant
[23 Sep 2011 ]

Looking for a celebrant? Not sure what you are looking for?

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Vintage Touches for your wedding…
[21 Mar 2011 ]

Want to add a touch of vintage to your wedding but don’t want to go over board with too many frills and frou frou? Well, you aren’t alone! Vintage inspired weddings are all the range at the moment, the hottest wedding trend since” un posed photography” however there is such thing as TOO much vintage. Take a look at our suggestions below for some inspiration for some vintage accents/highlights etc for your special day.
Use tea cups and saucers as centerpieces, mixed and matched is perfect.
Decorate the ladies bathroom with some …