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[23 Jan 2014 ]

Keep the shine away and the cakeyness at bay! Hot beauty tip for keeping your face camera ready on the big day!

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How to beat the post-wedding blues
[29 Oct 2013 ]

Something has changed, but you’re unsure what or how. All you know is that you’re left facing an ugly monster that has taken residence in your brain and immediate surroundings – the post-wedding blues monster.

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Shameful secrets and burning lies: are you hiding anything from your fiancé?
[19 Dec 2012 ]

People are like bottomless vessels. We contain so much, yet when you try to dig to find the bottom, there is always more to be found.

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hairstylin’ it
[10 Dec 2012 ]

A bride’s hair on her wedding day is an extension of her dress. It’s something that, when done well, will look fantastic and complete the outfit, but when not quite right will end up bringing the entire outfit down.

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hello, my name is insomnia
[7 Dec 2012 ]

It’s two o’clock in the morning and your body is as heavy as a sack of potatoes but your mind is as active as a five year old on a trampoline. Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever been plagued with a case of insomnia will be able to tell you just how familiar it sounds.

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the bridezilla alter ego
[29 Nov 2012 ]

It’s my wedding day and the photographer is late. It’s MY wedding day and the photographer is LATE. How could he be late on MY WEDDING DAY? Come to think of it, the centerpieces are not quite as they were pictured, the bouquet in my hands is slightly off centre.

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Join Us for a Celebration
[28 May 2012 ]

It seems that there is no end to the creativity of people as far as wedding invitations are concerned. Share with us our top 5 over the top wedding invitations.

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So what does your bachelor do at his Buck’s night?
[11 May 2012 ]

The shroud of secrecy round the buck’s night cause many brides to wonder what actually goes down at these events. Maybe it is best to keep the secret, but letting a few out will not harm anyone – or would it?

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Valentines bride – no way
[14 Feb 2012 ]

With the day of love and romance upon us, many brides decide to invite ST Valentine day to their wedding. This romantic day is marked worldwide with millions of people getting hitched in a gesture of ultimate romance. But a few are taking an opposite stance and refuse to invite a dead saint to their weddings.

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How do you pass the forever test?
[9 Feb 2012 ]

With more couples deciding to put of marriage till later and divorce rates climbing each year, one cannot but wonder – how can I be sure that this is forever? Is there such a test and can I trust the outcome?