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Even the most experienced photographer could cause a bride enormous damage to her dress and embarrassment. I know, because I did it to a beautiful girl many years ago. The bottom line – pun intended, is to look where you sit your bride down.

Walking down the isle with two red buttocks showing clearly on her dress, my bride took the giggles and laughs behind her as normal – well up to a point.

However, let me start at the beginning. My bride wore a figure hugging dress made from duchess satin. Just below her knees, the dress opened up in a ball gown fashion. The color was champagne white and it shimmered a little bit.


We arrived at the church on time, but there was some technical problem that kept us from going in immediately. As the bride stood outside, I saw an amazing photo opportunity. I asked her to sit down on the steps and swing her legs off the side. She obliged and we got a gorgeous picture of a bride sitting on a church step waiting to go in.

However, when she stood up, I saw my mistake. The steps were polished with red polish, which now showed the size of her buttocks perfectly outlined as two red spots on her dress. Her underwear formed dark lines as well as it rubbed on the polished floor during her turning. Before I could say a word, the wedding march welled up and she walked into the church.

Guests did a double take as she floated down the isle past them and could not contain themselves. By the time she arrived at the altar, it was obvious that something was very wrong. She lifted her dress as best as she could and nearly dislocated a neck joint to see what made her guests snigger so loud. My heart sat in my throat.

The church rang out with her laughter. As she dropped the dress and turned back to her fiancé, she gave her butt a quick shake. This brought the church to full hysterics. She whispered the news into his ear and he peeked round to see the red butt as well. He flashed her a big grin as well.

Luckily, this girl had a very good sense of humor – unlike the fellow whom simply refused her to get into his car without a plastic covering on the bridal car’s seat.

Tips to brides:

  • Have a good look before you sit down – stains can not be removed at this point
  • Ask your best friend to carry a large plastic covering round if you know you will be sitting down.
  • Photographers should always check and prepare surfaces where the bride should sit down.
  • Do not forget the kneeling cushion – these too left many a bride with stained knee spots on her dress.



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