Bridal Shower/ Kitchen Tea Themes

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Looking for some inspiration when planning a bridal shower? Today’s post is for the bridesmaids who have been allocated the job of creating the perfect afternoon for the bride to be. Not all brides have bridal Showers/Kitchen tea’s because there is already so much to organise, however with these ideas, planning will be a cinch.

Check out the Bride Online ideas below and start planning your bridal Shower/Kitchen tea today! Are you a bridesmaid planning a kitchen tea? Tell us about it below!

Does the bride have a favourite colour? Does the wedding have a theme colour? Create the perfect shower around colour using the invitations, decorations and even what you were as a feature of the day!

High Tea
Create the perfect afternoon tea party with petit fours, tea and of course lace doilies! Dress accordingly (think twin sets and pearls) and unleash your inner socialite. High tea is a great DIY option, otherwise check your local area for listings at fancy hotels for more elaborate options.

Mani Pedi Party
Approach your local salon and ask them for an hourly rate for their staff. These days inexpensive nail salons are popping up everywhere and what better than having someone at your bridal shower/kitchen tea providing mani/pedi’s. Its not as expensive as you may think and a wonderful treat!

Check out the Bride Online directory for Hens Night and Bridal Shower suppliers in your area!



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