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bridal shower

Weddings are an etiquette minefield, not to mention an emotional roller coaster. Keep the following in mind when planning a bridal shower and make sure everyone is happy and all of your etiquette boxes are ticked…

The maid of honour usually arranges the bridal shower. if the MOH lives out of town or is unable to manage the event, it can be outsourced to the other bridesmaids and close family/friends.

-If someone is helping the MOH make sure they know they are there to help.. not to take over! Its one of the privileges of being the MOH that you are responsible for planning events such as the bridal shower and hens night.

-The shower should take place 4-6 weeks before the wedding. If the bride isn’t available because she is out of town, plan accordingly and make sure it isn’t too close to the wedding day.

-Keep the event low key, invite the following: the bridal party, mothers and sisters of the bride and groom. Also include the brides closest friends and co workers and any very close extended family members. You don’t need to invite every woman that has been invited to the wedding.

-Gifts… if you are having gifts perhaps put a “cap” on the spending limit so that people don’t feel overwhelmed… create a fun atmosphere by having a budget for your gifts!


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