Bridal bling: how much is too much?

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There’s an old fable about a blushing, beautiful bride. Graceful and tall, with legs up to the sky and heeled shoes to match, everyone thought she was the ultimate in bridal beauty. Her dress was encrusted in thousands of tiny crystals so that when she moved she resembled a walking chandelier. The bride’s dedicated dressmaker had painstakingly sewn on every crystal by hand and the effect was extraordinary. Now, this bride did not share any details about her dress with her fiancé before the wedding so she couldn’t wait to see his amazement. The time came, the bride walked out, the groom took one look at her in her dazzling dress and thought to himself, “Why, I’m marrying the tackiest girl on earth.” Not a true fable, of course, but one we’ve chosen to use to illustrate our point. Bridal bling is ok, but it can get out of hand. Done right, you’ll have just the right amount of sparkle and glitter on the dance floor, without looking like the walking chandelier in our fable. Here we present you with a guide to doing things delicately in the bling department, covering all the important questions, including the big one: how much is too much?

To begin with, let’s examine the feminine psyche. Before you click off this page thinking we’re getting all Freudian with you, in this situation we’re just talking simply about girls and what they like. Lots of girls like things that sparkle. You know the ones we mean: diamond watches, diamond bracelets, oh, and did we mention the ring thing? Yeah, girls like diamond rings, too. But jewellery is not the only thing that sparkles. Anything can sparkle if it has the right bling attached. So, we’ve identified that girls and sparkly objects tend to go together. And now that we have reminded ourselves that it is natural for girls to gravitate towards sparkly things, let’s also just say that sometimes girls and bling should not be mixed. But how do we train ourselves to know the difference between tasteful and tacky?

The answer lies in another ‘B’ word: balance. Like lots of things in life, with the right balance you can go far. Let’s just say for example that your dress is very simple – clean cut lines, structured tailoring, unadorned neckline – if this is the case you have a much larger leeway to go a bit crazy with some glittering jewellery. But – and here’s the big ‘but’, if your dress is already quite embellished, with detailed embroidery, beading and the like, you may want to curb your desire to add more distracting elements. As the saying goes: When it’s simple you can add shine, when embellished, kindly decline.

When the time comes to deciding on the dazzling factor, take a minute to picture how your entire outfit will look with all the blingy parts. Recognise the importance of not overdoing it, as this will kill your look. Take into account your dress, hair piece, veil and shoes and if all these components are relatively unadorned, add some bling to dazzle it up. It’s a good idea to balance out the sparkle by spacing it out over your outfit. For example, wearing a jeweled hair piece but only very simple earrings and necklace. Do it right and you’ll glitter like a movie star. Do it wrong and you may resemble the movie stars in the ‘How not to wear it’ pages. Above everything, keep the bling in moderation and you’ll be shining the whole night long.



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